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The Me Myself and Mind Series CDs were created as a tool for self help. Each CD is specifically designed to promote a deep state of relaxation, a state of self hypnosis through guided imagery. In this relaxed state the subconscious mind can be focused on your desired goal for personal success. Please plan on 30 minutes of time, when you can be free of all distractions and all responsibilities. Never listen to these CDs while driving a car or operating heavy equipment.

Find a quiet place to relax. It is suggested that you listen to your CD while sitting up in order to discourage falling asleep. It is natural for the mind to enter into an alpha state before drifting to sleep. It is a skill to keep the mind in an alpha state while remaining awake. Of course if you are listing to the Restful Sleep CD it is fine to be lying down in your bed as sleep is the desired outcome.

You may feel as though you have fallen asleep while listening to these CDs yet you still open your eyes at the end when you are counted up from 1 to 3. You have not fallen asleep. Your conscious mind has simply relaxed, much like it does while you sleep at night. You are not aware of being asleep while you sleep at night because your conscious mind relaxes. It is your conscious mind that give you awareness. If on the other hand you sleep through the end count from 1 to 3, then you have actually fallen asleep. If falling asleep occurs and you want to remain awake, you may need to change the time of day that you listen to your CD. You may also set an alarm to ensure that you awaken when you are through.

Please be sure to allow yourself ample time to return to full alertness after your relaxation session.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Me Myself and Mind Series CDs, please read the following information to help you reach your goals.

For best results, use these CDs as part of a complete program. It is recommended that you listen to your CD daily whenever possible. One of the best ways through to the subconscious mind is through repetition. Realize that your present behavior patterns have become habitual. A habit is simply something that you do over and over again without even thinking about it. This patterned behavior is carried out on a subconscious level. Research has shown that it usually takes about one month to change a habit. Therefore, it is recommended that you listen to your CD for at least one month. Of course each person and each situation is individualized. Use this CD according to your individual needs and results.

Anytime there is a conflict between the conscious and the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind is going to win because it is like a computer program. Your conscious mind may know that the food or the cigarettes are bad for you (intellectual mind), and yet you continue to carry out the same behavior (emotional mind). Therefore, in order to change the behavior, we must change the program by reviewing emotional beliefs and by altering perceptions. Hypnosis can help these changes to occur. The Me Myself and Mind CDs provide you with opportunities to work through these subconscious emotional connections.They also include subliminal suggestions. These subliminal suggestions are the same as the suggestions stated within the imagery. If you are in need of further assistance in addition to these CDs, I offer a wide range of Hypnotherapy Services

If you choose to purchase one or more of these CDs and are pleased with your results, please share your success by emailing a personal testimonial to rswartz@hypnosis4yourlife.com

Free Yourself of Excess Weight

Through working with countless numbers of clients over the years in regards to weight loss, it is important to help them understand the emotional underlying cause of their eating problems. Through Hypnotherapy, I have helped many people change their perceptions and their behaviors in regards to food. It is recommended that you do some of your own soul searching to discover what food means to you.

Here are some questions for you to think about and explore:

  • Did food play an unusual part in your early childhood years?
  • Was food used as a reward or used for comfort? When and how?
  • Were you taught to eat everything on your plate? ("Children are starving in China!")
  • Do you eat when you are angry, sad, lonely, bored?
  • Do you have trouble expressing your feelings?
  • What time of day is most difficult for you in regards to food?
  • What kind of foods are most difficult for you?
  • Are you really aware while you eat or are you busy doing other things?
  • What benefit is there in being heavy? ( Ex: keeps people at a distance, protection, self pity etc.)
  • Did you ever experience a life threatening illness or trauma?
  • Do you ever experience guilt? Why and when?
  • Do you relate to a family member or other person through your body composition? Who and how?
  • How can your life be better without the excess weight?

These are just a few of the areas that I would explore with my clients in therapy. Give each one of these questions time and thought. This can allow you to understand what is going on inside of you on a subconscious level.

This CD was created to help you change your subconscious emotional connections to food, by creating new and healthy behaviors. As you learn to replace emotional hunger with relaxation, you can let go of unnecessary excess pounds and inches.

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Stop Smoking

It is my opinion that cigarette smoking is mostly an emotional addiction. Most smokers can sit in a movie theater for several hours without smoking. Most smokers can sleep through the night without smoking a cigarette. This shows evidence that cigarette addiction is much more an emotional addiction than a physical one.

When you started smoking you started for a reason. Think about why you started smoking. Did you want to fit in or be accepted by your peers? Did you smoke to rebel against an authority figure? Did you think that smoking would make you seem older or cooler? Perhaps smoking was a way to have a sense of control in your life. See if you can become aware of the emotional reasons why you started smoking in the first place.

Now realize that what ever reason you had, it is now old and outdated. After all, you are an adult now, and you have greater information to access in regards to your health. If you knew then what you know now, you probably would have turned that first cigarette down! Think about these things when you listen to your Stop Smoking CD.

Here are some additional questions for you to think about and explore:

  • Did someone in your family smoke?
  • Are you trying to emulate or connect with them through cigarettes?
  • Do you smoke when you are bored, angry, lonely, or sad?
  • Do you have trouble expressing your feelings?
  • How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
  • Are you really aware of smoking while you are smoking? What do you think about?
  • What do you think cigarettes do for you? Why?
       ( "They relax me", they give me something to do" etc.)

In reality these reasons are nothing more than rationalizations. Cigarettes actually stimulate the body, and they keep you from doing other things. These beliefs are your conscious mind trying to justify a subconscious habit because you know that this habit is really killing you!

Keep in mind that as an adult, you can make healthy choices for yourself. You are much more powerful than a cigarette. You have the ability to control your thoughts and your feelings because you create them with your own mind. Be aware, take time to relax, and find new healthy ways to fulfill and satisfy yourself.

This CD was created to help you change your emotional connections to cigarettes. It provides a positive avenue to help you to let go of your subconscious habit, creating healthy thoughts and healthy actions.

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Restful Sleep

Sleep is a natural process that all living things experience. Even flowers close down at night. Then why is it that about 1/3 of the population has trouble sleeping? When I work with clients in regards to sleeping problems I find that there are emotional issues that create the disturbance. As with any problem, the reasons behind it are extremely individualized and varied. I have found that certain emotional issues seems to be more common than others.

Many times, people tell me that their minds become highly active when they lie down to go to sleep. They think about work, or personal problems. They worry about finances or they plan their next day. If your mind is too active when you want it to be still, this CD can help your mind to focus on relaxing and falling asleep. Wherever you lead your mind, your mind and body will follow.

Other people have problems letting go. They fear a loss of control, or they think that they'll miss out on something. Others may have deeper rooted problems such as anxiety or even a fear of death. Sleep patterns can also be affected by a past trauma, perhaps one when you were awakened in the night. Do you continue to wake up at this time? The most common reason however, is a lack of ability to relax and let go of our daily worries.

It is an acquired skill to relax and let go. This CD was created to provide a self help tool to help your mind and your body experience restful sleep.

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Relax Your Stress Away

It's plain to see that life is stressful. Our everyday responsibilities of work, school, family, relationships and financial concerns are a daily occurrence. Our physical bodies may be out of balance with health concerns, sleep deprivation and fatigue. In addition, our current worldly affairs compound the situation. It may seem like there is no way to escape all of the pressures of every day life. Since September 11th, anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances have increased greatly. So have the number of prescriptions written to help people cope with these problems. Unfortunately, drugs only mask the symptoms, often create negative side effects and are usually very costly.

The difference between a relaxed, peaceful individual and a person who is filled with worry and anxiety really isn't based on the amount of stress that they have but is rooted in how their stress is handled. Learning to be free from stress and worry is an acquired skill. Hypnosis can help you to rethink the way you think, changing worry into acceptance, allowing you to free your mind.

The dynamics of this CD are designed to help you respond with a healthy and relaxed approach in life. This natural alterative actually teaches your mind and your body to respond differently, so that you can handle life with greater ease. It is known that negative thinking creates certain chemicals in the body that cause stress and anxiety. Positive thoughts create different chemicals that cause relaxation and inner peace. The mind and the body can actually learn to respond in a more relaxed and healthy way.

Feel free to listen to this CD daily. It is through repetition that the mind learns to change old negative responses into new and positive actions. Be aware of your thoughts, monitor them, and change them when needed. You can choose your path, you can choose your reaction. Just be aware of your choices and let this CD help you control your stress by creating a more relaxed you, allowing you to enjoy your life with greater ease.

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$3.50 shipping

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